Through StoreTally you can effectively manage footfall in a safe and accurate way, whether you’re an independent shop keeper, a shopping centre, petrol station, tourism attraction, information point such as a library or public service such as police enquiry desks, to name a few, StoreTally can help you. 


There’s no escaping the fact that Coronavirus has changed the way we all do business. The impact on the future is uncertain, but there are things you can control and put into place, to allow you to reopen as soon as physically possible.  

Business processes will have to change and following the Governments advice on ‘Five Steps to Working Safely’ it’s clear to see the new rules and guidelines we’ll all have to put into place, for the safety of our employees and customers. This is where StoreTally can help your business.  


We supply everything you need to get started and you can be set up and ready to go within minutes. 

Key features of StoreTally: 

  • Regular updates without additional costs or interruption 

  • Customisable and easy to personalise to suite your messaging needs and branding 

  • Instant information and real time data collection to help with reporting at management level, accessible off site 

  • Simple and quick to set up, approximately 60 seconds 

  • Portable and easy to operate as a business, minimal training for employees 

  • Powered from a 5volt USB supply. (Mains Adapter / Portable USB Power Pack) 

  • Counting can be performed via multiple mobile devices / laptops or hand held assistant device. 

  • Clear visual indication of the current status of entry into the building or location. (standby, red X or proceed, green arrow via LED display) 

  • Future capacity to add automation to the system using people counting sensors. 

Additional business benefits: 

  • Can be used as an auditing tool as historical data is available to help you plan ahead in terms of stock and staff levels 

  • Low operating costs 

  • 24/7 support without additional costs or monthly fees 

  • A complete visitor density management solution to support you with capacity management 

Key benefits for your business:

  • Safely manage visitor / customer numbers 

  • Allows you to focus on other areas of the business, knowing you don’t have to worry about overcrowding or complying with legal regulations around social distancing 

  • Digital queue management, allowing your employees to focus on their role and not queue management 

  • Reduced conflict between visitors and staff due a level of separation in queue process. Visitors are less likely to act aggressively towards a status indicator as opposed to a staff member 

  • Gives customers clear and simple guidelines to follow for your queuing process 

  • Effective communication with your visitors / customers and keeps them engaged 

  • Efficient throughput of visitors as people organise themselves better in the queuing process 

  • Become a social distancing champion and set the new standard 


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01248 295296

Should know...

Government guidelines

What you need to put into place

How to operate safely

Social distancing measures

StoreTally is a Visitor Density Management product designed to help you run a public facing business giving confidence to your customers and staff that you are considering their health and safety during times of Corona Virus / COVID-19

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